Less than a week...

...from my due date with Baby H2. And by less than a week, I mean I'm due on Friday, so I'm actually just about 4 days away! Eek!

I've done zero updates on the blog this time around mainly because pregnant life as an already working mom is not easy my friends. It's exhausting and tough and wonderful all at the same time. Let's just say that the blog has taken the farthest seat, all the way in the back, where you don't even realize it's there. But! Yesterday I felt inspired to get a post up before H2 makes his arrival so that I have some written record of this exciting time for my family.

I've been working from home over the last week which has been a life saver from commuting. I have extremely swollen feet and hands and so riding two trains each day in shoes that no longer fit was getting real rough. Now I just drive P to and from school, work at home, barefoot and pregnant, feet propped up with a laptop on a pillow in front of me and I'm a much happier person.

Another not super fun symptom I've been dealing with is debilitating acid reflux. I'm telling you, it's horrible. I pop Nexium and Tums all day errday, but it only does so much. I find I do best overnight when I cease eating before 7pm, which is a real bummer as a 39+ week pregnant lady who only wants ice cream and chocolate in her life.

This weekend we finished putting baby's room together, which made me feel ultra ready to do this thang. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment, so H2 will be sharing a room with Penelope. Luckily, our second bedroom is quite large, so all of the furniture and storage fit just perfectly. Here are some snaps of H2's new digs:

To match Penelope's already established aesthetic of the room and our modern loft, I went with something a little whimsical yet modern and chose the babyletto galaxy bedding. Guys, it's a little robot galaxy! It's too sweet. I love that the colors match perfectly with the light blue room and brings in some navy to offset all of the white and lighter colors.

Here's the side with the changing table. I just used some of the leftover wall decals for the frames and Shaun hung them over the changing table as that space was really lacking in design. We also hung up a sweet sign that Penelope painted, as well as her 'we can't wait to meet you baby brother' card that basically brought me to tears when I opened it. This kid is going to be the absolute best big sister ever.

Changing pad cover is also part of the babyletto collection, diaper caddy is jj cole and the little stacking toy is from a cute boutique in Brookfield Place called babesta. Boppy cover is organic little elephants.

Though he will likely sleep in our room in a bassinet for a while, it was important to me to feel like he also had his own space in their soon to be shared room, and I'm so happy with how it all turned out.

Meanwhile, we spent our possible last weekend of 3 doing some fun big sister stuff with Penelope. On Sunday, we took her to see Captain Underpants (she thought it was quite hilarious), out for brunch (she dined on hot dog, fries and vanilla gelato), and a quick visit to Toys R Us for a specific toy that she's been asking us for for months. (It's the Grossery Gang mushy slushy playset, in case you are wondering and she's played with nothing else since we brought it home).

I'm so excited for her to be a big sister, and she is so excited also. We have June 9 marked on her calendar (with a birthday cake sticker that she chose because that will be his birthday, Mom) and she's trying to grasp that he may or may not be born on that day. This week I've been trying to make a super extra effort to spend as much time with her as possible, letting her stay up late last night to watch the end of Sing so we could have a dance party with the finale songs. She tells me, come on Mommy, let's dance! And I can't help but smile and cry at how grown yet small and just awesome she is.

I'm just trying to soak up each day as it comes since we don't know exactly when our lives will change forever! I'm getting super anxious about labor and delivery, but again, just trying to take each day as it comes. I'll be keeping you posted when he makes his arrival! And if you aren't following me on Instagram or Snapchat (rkcannon), come on by and do that because I post a lot more over there!

PS: here's the final nursery post I did for Penelope @ 40 weeks.