Share your Avid Appetite

You may have noticed the fancy little box that recently popped up on the side bar, begging readers to share their Avid Appetites. One of the many things I love about food is its uncanny ability to bring people together - shopping together at a green market, cooking together in the kitchen, sharing a dinner together...there's really nothing like enjoying food with the people you love. Or like, even. So in the spirit of food, I want to hear from you, dear Reader.

While I hope that you enjoy reading about my culinary adventures in and out of the kitchen, my hope is that you are out there having your own adventures...and I want to hear about them. We've already featured a few reader creations over the last couple of months...

I couldn't be more excited to feature Keri's Chick Cake Pops after I stumbled upon them a couple of months ago. I mean, really, did you ever think that cake could be so cute?

And how about Danielle's Irish car bomb cupcakes that she modeled after TAA's St. Patty's Day recipe? Don't they look divine? Between the frosting and sprinkles, I'd say they look mmm-mmm good. And I couldn't be more flattered that D was willing to test out a recipe of my very own (oh, and for the original recipe, you can find it right here).

So, wouldn't it be fun to hear from more foodies, and less of my rambling every day? if you want to be featured on The Avid Appetite, here's the skinny:

1) If you have a signature recipe that's oh-so-delectable in nature, send it on over with some scrumptious photos.

2) If you recently visited a restaurant, food truck or bodega that you've been dreaming about and is inevitably going on your permanent recommendation list, send it on over with a review (long or short) and, of course, photos.

3) If you found a fabulous foodie product, cooking technique that you've mastered, or essentially anything else remotely related to food and eating, send it on over...with photos.

To submit, you can visit the Contact page or email Hope to hear from you!

How do you take it?


And by it, I mean coffee. You know, the one thing that gets you up and going each morning, priming you to deal with all that the day has to throw at you. While I'm typically a Hazelnut kind of girl of the light 'n sweet variety, since I discovered Italian Sweet Creme Coffee-mate added to regular joe, I haven't found another coffee additive that I've enjoyed nearly as much. Creamy and sweet, this creamer adds a delicious punch of flavor without taking over the coffee taste. So my question for you is, while this creamer is my morning obsession, how do you take your coffee? Do you have an allegiance to a particular flavor of coffee or coffee creamer? Do you have other tactics on how you get it together in the morning?

Talk Back: How Do You Do Takeout?

Every Monday morning, I make a plan for the week to detox myself in order to make up for all of the weekend wrongdoings. Usually by Wednesday, however, I've just about had it with practically starving myself (at least that's what it feels like, anyway). And the thought of cooking by Wednesday night? Not so much. This is about the time of the week that Shaun and I decide to hit up our little take-out menu box (a sweet gift from my mom and sisters for my bridal shower) and pick out some delectable eats to be delivered right to our very own, apartment building.

I'm not going to lie...the takeout options in Jersey City are pretty limited. Although Hoboken is just a hop, skip and a jump away, many of their restaurants just don't deliver, are sub-par in delivery quality or have recently been closed down due to health issues (eek...Junior's Papaya, RIP). We do have a few staples in the repetoire, like sushi, Indian food, and pizza (though due to an unfortunate incident during the last takeout sesh, in which our pizza was two hours late and cold, they've been yes, we are in fact looking for a good pizza recommendation in Hoboken or the JC!) Komegashi Too sushiOh, and while a new and fabulous Five Guys (burgers and fries!) recently opened in the Jerz, they don't deliver and getting to them would require a team effort of getting our car from the garage and driving over so one of us can run in while the other does the illegal parking/circling the block routine...not really ideal.

So what I want to know is, how do YOU do takeout? Do you go delivery style or pick up? What's your favorite takeout cuisine? Do you have a designated takeout night?