Baby Favorites: The Magic Stroller

When my family threw me a surprise baby shower, my sisters gifted me with a gorgeous car seat/stroller set (the Chicco Cortina Travel System in Azura). I absolutely love this system. The car seat snaps right from the base in the car into the stroller itself. And the stroller can be used on its own once she is big enough for it. addition to this fancy stroller, we were looking for something a bit more lightweight and compact for ease of travel (especially in our tiny car). My mom suggested an umbrella stroller.
Well, my friends...Penelope absolutely ADORES this stroller.
And let's call that the understatment of the century. Not only is she completely comfortable in the slightly reclined, unstructured position, but this stroller enables her to look out and see the world...something that she has made clear to us is priority numero uno. It also acts as a vessel of serenity...even in her fussiest moments, as soon as we deposit her in the stroller, she is instantly calmed. 
And that is why we have deemed it the Magic Stroller. 
Favorite Uses for The Magic Stroller:
  • acting as a high chair, when she refuses her bottle in any other position
  • the only way to get a teething baby to nap (yup, I set it up right in her nursery)

  • as a beach chair

  • as a recliner for watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (yup, I set it up right in my bedroom)
  • as a seat while out at restaurants
  • as an immediate pacifier when having a meltdown at relatives' homes
  • as an immediate pacifier when Aunt Christine is babysitting and nothing else will get her to stop screaming while Mom and Dad are enjoying their anniversary dinner
  • as an appropriate positioner to encourage bowel movements (you read that right)
  • as a kitchen seat for watching Mom and Dad cook


I'm sure as time goes along we'll find many, many other uses for this glorious item. I'd say this is the number one item we've gotten for Sweet P thus far, and it rings in at a mere $50!

So that's what we're loving these days and dare I call it...a lifesaver for those meltdown moments?

What baby products are your must-haves?

Any products that really save you from entering baby meltdown mode?