How We Told Our Families

We found out just after Memorial Day weekend that a little Baby H would be joining our family.

After the elation began to set in, we faced the next inevitable question...when do we tell people?

Shaun and I both felt very conservative about spreading our great news too soon. After all, getting a positive HPT was one of the best feelings in the world, but in our heads, it wouldn't be actually official until not only a doctor's appointment with blood test, but a first ultrasound. We also needed a couple of weeks to let it all sink in :) At the end of the day, we decided that we did want to tell our immediate families sooner rather than later. We are both incredibly close with our parents and siblings and keeping something like this from them would have been..well, virtually impossible! Not to mention that I was bursting at the seams to tell my parents and sisters!


Immediately after we found out, I had to fly out to Las Vegas for a week for work. As you might imagine, this was not really so fun. Exhaustion had already set in, the last thing I wanted to do was be away from Shaun and it was really challenging to keep up the ruse of having a drink with dinner, etc.

When I arrived home, we decided that since we'd be seeing both of our families on Father's Day, it would be the perfect time to spill the beans (at that point I was almost 8 weeks). And because the day was all about Dad, we thought it would be really fun to let our Dads be the ones to uncover our surprise...after all, I feel like Moms usually get all the news (good or bad) first in life and I was so excited for our Dads to be the ones to know about this one first (even if it was just for about 10 seconds).

We bought sweet Father's Day cards for our Dads and thought it would be a great surprise to plant the news in the cards. In the morning, we had breakfast with Shaun's family and luckily did gifts before we went out to eat, so the news was out right away and we could all celebrate at breakfast. With my family, we went to my parents house for dinner and didn't do gifts until the very end of the evening. I was dying inside to let out the news!

I'm pretty sure Shaun and I were shaking with excitement both in the morning and at night as our Dads opened their cards. 

Here's the one for my Dad:

On the inside, we wrote "...and Soon-to-be GrandDad!"

The message was pretty to the point!

I'll never forget the look on my Dad's face when he read it. It was disbelief mixed with joy and it was truly a great moment! He jumped up and hugged me and everyone else looked confused. My mom grabbed the card to read it and surprise registered...I think by that point, my sisters already figured out what was up since I think they already had their suspicions.

There was lots of hugging, tears and smiles. It was really fantastic and it felt SO good to let the cat out of the bag. I had been dying to tell my mom and I don't think I could have kept it from her much longer. In a way, it worked out that I was away for a week to make keeping my secret a little easier!

Though we all celebrated, Shaun and I made sure to make it clear that we hadn't yet gone for an ultrasound and so all of the real, true celebrations should be after we got good news in that department.

Two days later was the first scan and, as you can tell, it all went amazingly. It ranks as probably the most incredible moment of my life.

But I think that's a story for another time...

Questions of the Day:

How long did you/would you wait to tell your immediate family about this kind of news?

Have you ever planted surprise news in a fun way? I definitely wanted to make the reveal a little bit special!