25 - 27

Well somehow today I am officially seven months pregnant...eek! 

I'm still loving every moment of this pregnancy and the last few weeks have been especially fun since not only am I officially round and clearly pregnant to the outside world, but because Baby TAA has been moving and shaking like nobody's business! 

Here's Shaun and I during week 25 at my cousin Veronica's wedding!


While the first few weeks of movement were mostly kicks and punches, now we can both feel her actually moving around in fluid motions. It's truly incredible! Oh and it's also clearly visible when she is moving around too - it looks like I have a little alien in my belly.

After my 24 week update, I had just taken my glucose test and I am happy to report that the doctor told me that I passed with flying colors (direct quote!). Outside of that my blood pressure and blood tests all look good and so far I'm gaining an appropriate amount of weight (though a little more than I would have liked to at this point!).

26 weeks marked Halloween! And so I thought a themed photo would be fun. This was right before Shaun and I headed to our building's annual Halloween party. This is my attempt to be the Bride of Frankenstein...using a bed sheet as my dress :) I couldn't quite achieve the giant beehive, but I did what I could and at least I got some white streaks in there.

Week 26 included the crazy Hurricane Sandy and 6 days without power. Baby's first storm! I think we weathered it just fine, with plenty of Halloween candy and decaf tea to get us through. And as an aside - I'm pretty happy my glucose test was prior to this Halloween candy binge.



And that brings us to this past week! Baby's first election day!

I have pretty strong political views, but try to keep them off the blog. I will say however, Shaun and I are both pretty thrilled that our baby girl will be born into a nation that shares our social beliefs, especially when it comes to women’s rights and equality. End of political note.

How I'm feeling:

I still continue to feel really good, although I think I'm getting a cold or another equally as painful and icky head situation. I'm stuffed up and nursing a killer sore throat since last night. Here's hoping that it was brought on by this bizarre snowstorm that we just got hit with and will disappear quietly into the night! Any soothing suggestions?

Outside of that, my body does get a bit stiff throughout the day, but I continue to just get up and walk around which helps. I'm still sleeping like a rock and haven't had the need for a prenatal pillow or anything like that just yet. No swelling just yet either and I'm still able to wear my wedding ring...knock on wood that continues!

Oh and I'm happy to report that I can still see my feet, even though the baby books said that I probably wouldn't be able to for much longer!


What I'm eating:

I actually haven't found myself to be more hungry than usual as the weeks wear on. I went through a phase many weeks ago where eating felt like life or death, but luckily I've been able to reign it in a bit as of late. My favorite things over the last couple of weeks include:

Raisin Bran Crunch...every.single.day for like the last 4 straight months.


Lots of tea! I have a cup of Earl Grey with caffeine in the morning and then a couple more cups of Red Rose decaf throughout the day.


Salad! I'm happy to officially be satisfied with eating salads again. My favorite of late is a makeshift Waldorf salad...mixed greens, chopped Honeycrisp apple, {pasteurized} blue cheese crumbles, sliced almonds and a maple-mustard vinagrette.


Sweet potatoes with brown sugar...just a little :) It like them nice and mushy, soft and sprinkled with a little cinnamon and brown sugar. 


How I've been nesting:

Like mad! We are hard at work on Baby TAA's room and I can't wait for it to really start coming together! Our rug arrived and I also ordered a few fabric bins for our white bookcase. Of course I like both options, but I'm leaning toward the Circo ones because of the sweet, soft color.


I also received a few art prints that I ordered from Trafalgar's Square Etsy shop! I am seriously obsessed with these. They are so darling and I think will look really sweet in nice frames securely fastened above her crib. 


Shaun also started installing a track closet system for all of her little things. This is still a work in progress, but I'll keep you posted on how this comes together!

I picked up some cute pink bins which will go on shelves in her closet...and we already owned a nice white fan which we'll keep in her room...I've heard fans are good in nurseries to keep air moving? Any tips on that would be appreciated :)


Cute baby stuff:

And of course I've been obsessed with baby clothes! It seems like we get a package of goodies every other day from my little shopping binges. I'm going crazy on cute little outfits and sleep sacks...all with matching hats of course!

And some necessary booties...it will be the middle of winter when she arrives, after all!


Ok well I think I've gone on and on and if you're still with me, thanks for dropping in to read my Baby TAA updates! Every single day I get more and more excited to meet our baby girl!