Helloooo Friday! I'm so happy to see you today! Especially since I took a vacation day from work and I'm heading down to Atlantic City with Shaun and my family. I'm ready for a busy but fun weekend ahead!

So this past week, I officially hit the 6 month mark of being pregnant. No doubt that I'm definitely looking pregnant at all times nowadays!


Everyday I feel like I'm getting a bit bigger and less of my 'normal' shirts are fitting me.

Hey Baby!


I think it's time for a fall shopping trip!

Though some weeks I feel like there's not a whole lot to report, this week was chock full of fun!

Most fun moment:

Shaun finally got to feel Baby moving around! It was such a thrill to see Shaun feel her kicking around for the first time. We went through a few weeks of me grabbing Shaun's hand every time she moved, only to have her totally cease moving as soon as he tried to feel it (she's already giving us a hard time!). This past week, I think he's been able to feel her little kicks everyday. And for me? Even though she is moving around a lot these days, it never gets old.  Amazingness.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - Baby H is definitely a wiggler! My favorite times are first thing in the morning when I'm woken by her little punches and in the evenings on the couch, when she decides to get cozy in there. There is really nothing better.


Most sugary moment:

My glucose test!

This basically means that I had to drink this bottle of sugar on an empty stomach, get hopped up on a sugar high and then have blood drawn. I haven't gotten the results back just yet, but here's hoping that I passed! I must tell you that I've heard such bad stories about the glucose drink, but is it terrible to say that I actually didn't find it to be all that... terrible? It tasted like flat orange soda...not the worst thing in my opinion.


Most relaxing moment:

It's a tie between curling up on the couch with my parents to watch the Giants game and a solo viewing of my favorite seasonal film this time of year...Hocus Pocus! Ah it never gets old for me. Shaun got me a copy on DVD last Halloween, so now I can watch it like 100 more times before October 31. Shaun is thrilled.


Most unfun moment(s):

It's a tie.

First: Getting a flu shot! Waaah! I'm so not the kind of person who has issues with needles, however, getting any kind of medication, shot, etc. while pregnant just makes me very nervous. My doctor highly recommended that I get one though* and so I went over to Duane Reade and got 'er done. Oh and now my left arm won't lift above my head. No bigs. 

Second: Driving down to Pennsylvania for a meeting and getting stuck in unbelievable traffic on the way home. To go 80 miles, it literally took me 4 hours and 45 minutes. Ouch.


Most delicious moment:

Deciding what to make with these little beauties!



I went a lil' cray at the grocery store and bought like 15 apples last week. I had been wanting some appley dishes and so I made an apple cake AND and apple pie. And then proceeded to devour a couple of pieces while watching Hocus Pocus and give the rest away.


I used a refrigerated Pillsbury pie crust and The Joy of Cooking fresh apple filling recipe. By mascerating the freshly peeled and cut apples in sugar, flour and cinnamon, they got all coated and delicious before filling the premade crust. A simple yet delicious solution for a quick apple pie!

Stay tuned for what I've deemed one of my favorite recipes of all time coming on Monday!


Other Stuff:

Rings: Still on! Yipee!

Sleep: Still going strong and I'm sleeping through the night comfortable (knock on wood). As my Dad would say, "You can't fight genetics." I was born to be a sleeper!

Weight gained: Too much. Sigh.

Walks: About 1 mile per day + a few evening walks with Shaun

Difficulties: Tying my own shoes, shaving my legs, bending down in general

Baby registry: Almost done! Still need to pick out a few things (like baby monitors?! Help!)

Number of people who asked if I was due soon because I'm so big: 2

Number of people who pushed me on the Path train: 1

Number of kind men and women who then proceeded to offer me their seats: 2

Most uncomfortable: Body gets stiff if sitting in the same position for too long! I've found that a nice long walk helps to remedy this.

Favorite Fall Show thus far: Dexter. I always forget how much I love it.

So that's a little update on me on this friday. I hope that you all had a wonderful week and have an even better weekend!



*As an aside, this is what my own doctor told me...so if you are pregnant or thinking of getting a flu shot in general, best to check with your own doctor first! Thank you.