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In a previous life, I cooked. A lot. Since becoming a Mom, cooking and baking have taken a back seat. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy eating the goods, but time is not on my side to create new recipes at the rate that I used to. Over the years, I've developed many, many recipes (almost 300 to be precise) which you can find here. I also document other food fun, beyond recipes. I hope you find it all as delicious as I do!

antipasta platter1
chocolate cherry smoothie
maple glazed sweet potatoes
individual egg cups
roasted potatoes
taco pizza
red pepper basil frittata
chocolate banana bread4
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salted blondies1
apple upside down cake1
christmas 14 cocoa thumbprints
malted chocolate cupcakes1
banana muffins
apple pie
red velvet oreo cheesecakes
soft frosted sugar cookies