My Favorite Things, Part II

Last night Shaun and I decorated our Christmas tree and we are so happy with the outcome! I will post pics later on or tomorrow!

Meanwhile, as the countdown to Christmas continues, I'm dreaming about some more great gifts that I'd love to find under the tree this year!

I said it last year and I'll say it again. I love all of the Anthropologie aprons! I have one,  yet it's not enough. These aprons are so pretty and frilly that they look like actual dresses! Talk about cooking in style.

Since I'm all about cupcakes, and always, always, always make a mess when transporting them to the muffin tins, I'm completely smitten with this cupcake batter dispenser! What will they think of next?

And while we on the subject of cupcakes, our friends Kristen and Ryan gifted me with this sweet cupcake plunger when they saw it and thought of me and my baking. How sweet and thoughtful is that? After my Dexter cupcake spackling debacle, this is the perfect way to fill those cupcakes quickly and easily!


This adorable sushi set is such a fun way to enjoy sushi at home! Who needs those wooden chopsticks that break when you pull 'em apart?

I'm a sucker for warm beverages, and even more so for cute vehicles for said warm beverages. I mean, can you look at these and not smile? Try it. You can't.

Though I'm going to try and DIY my own this weekend, how fun are these marshmallow pops? I wish I had these for lunch today.

That's it for today. What's tickling your fancy this holiday season?

My Favorite Things, Part I

Want to contribute your favorite cookie recipe to our  Virtual Cookie Swap? Email them on over (with photo, please!) to theavidappetite [at] gmail [dot] com, we'll start posting them as they roll in!

Since I'm not doing an official gift guide this year as my research time has been spent on cookies galore, I thought it might be fun to round up some of my favorite things that I've received in Christmases past or things that I would be thrilled to open on Christmas morning! Though not all things are food related, they are gifts that I love - either for function, thoughtfulness or both! Here's a few to start off with...

First up, magazines. Though I like mine of the food variety, any subscription to a glossy magazine is a great gift that really does keep on giving. Am I the only one who get unnaturally happy with excitement when they pop up in my mailbox each month? Currently, I have Food Network & Real Simple, but am always scouring for new ones!


Though they may be overdone (apparently there are glitter ones now?!), I can't help but continue to obsess over my Kona Uggs which have lasted me through 4 winters and are still going strong. As opposed to the original Ugg style (which I also own in red), these guys actually offer support for the tootsies while keeping 'em warm.

My kitchen wouldn't be complete without my set of mixing bowls, measuring cups and spoons. While any set will do, I have a Williams-Sonoma set that I Love oh-so-much in a pale green color (though all I could find online are red, for which I also tend to have a penchant!):


Last Christmas, my sister Kimberly gave me a few of "The Classics" including Sense & Sensibility and Great Expectations. They have been published in fancy schmancy hard cover editions which really brighten up my bookcase. I absolutely love this since I haven't read many of these but feel it's necessary to co-exist in society. Know what I mean? Anyhow, I think it's a great gift for any readers in your life!

A great stocking stuffer that Shaun once received from my parents was a boatload of spices and a spider utensil. Since Shaun loves to deep fry tortilla chips, the spider really comes in handy for fishing 'em out, which the spices keep them deliciously seasoned. Oh and the giant containers are still going strong in our spice cabinet.


A cute puppy. A mere 14 years ago, this little cutie pie joined the Cannon family on Christmas Eve. Can you think of a better gift to find under your Christmas tree?

It's especially cute when you hide a t-r-e-a-t inside her stocking for said pup to find...

So there you have it. Part 1 of our fun gift round up. Since I have many more gifts that have tickled my fancy, I'll continue to post more things in the coming days. But what I really want to know is: What are some of the best holiday gifts that you've received?


Mother's Day Gift Guide

Somehow April has passed us right on by and May is already in full effect. Budding blooms, green markets and sunny days abound - except for this morning since it's pouring and humid on the east coast. Anyhow, as May gets moving, we approach the mother of all holidays, Mother's Day. TAA is cooking up a gift guide for all of the mom's on your list, especially those who love food! Let's get down to the goods.

Anthropologie 3-D Toile apron There's no reason why spending an afternoon in the kitchen means dressing down in sweats and an old shirt. Instead, mom will feel sophisticated and super chic in a fun, bright colored apron. Scrumptious meals never looked so good. I personally wear my Anthropologie Dotty Match apron all the time to catch spills, and let's face it...I wear it just to look cute too. Mine, in fact, was inspiration for The Avid Appetite's color palette. If Mom spends a lot of time in the kitch, a truly adorb apron is a must.

A Treat from Butter Lane I regaled you all with tales of grown up cupcakes from Butter Lane when my fam feasted on them during my mom's spring dinner party. They really are cupcakes for the sophisticated palette while still offering playful flavors like salted caramel with popcorn topping. And as my mom would say, "These are my favorite!"

Williams-Sonoma Cooking from the Farmers' Market Cookbook Since greenmarkets are all the rage (rightfully so), why not learn how to cook with your newly purchased ultra fresh ingredients? Recipes include pork medallions with roasted figs and strawberry rhubarb pie. I'm heading over to my local farmers' market as we speak...

Azure Dishtowels Aren't these truly adorb? I mean, I would actually put aside my hatred for drying dishes if I got to use these pretty lil' things. And it's a fun way to brighten up your kitchen to boot.

Flora Pouch Envirosax It's the chic way to do your food shopping, or any shopping for that matter. Plastic bags are so passe as the bring-your-own-tote movement is sweeping the nation. Why not do it in style? These pretty, eco-friendly bags wrap up into a small pouch, perfect to keep in your car or purse.

A Cup of Earl Grey Creme I grew up in a house where partially drank cups of tea were everywhere. My mom would (and still does) drink tea all day long, each time in a fresh tea cup, and sometimes not finishing the entire cup before moving on to the next, leaving tea cups in her office, on kitchen counters, on the coffee table or on her night stand...all at the same time (this could also explain why I have, at any given time, approximately 4 glasses of water, soda or coffee on my night stand or coffee table...I know. It drives Shaun crazy). Not only was the quality of the tea essential, but only the right kind of tea cup would suffice. When I came across Teavana's Earl Grey Creme and the Anthropologie Missus tea cup, which just so happens to be monogrammed, I knew it would be the perfect gift for any tea-drinking mom.

So there you have it. A round up of some fun foodie gifts for your special mom, grandmother, mother-in-law or any other special lady in your life. How will you be spending this Mother's Day?